Checking for lice?

Checking whether someone is affected by head lice is simple You should check your family for head lice once a week.
  1. Comb the hair thoroughly with a detection comb (as supplied with each pack of NYDA®), parting the hair into strands. The use of hair conditioner eases the combing. Keep a look out
    for eggs (nits) at the base of hair strands too.
  2. Wipe the comb clean on a tissue or paper towel after each stroke.
  3. Check the tissue for eggs or lice.
  4. If you find lice or eggs, treat your child for head lice with NYDA®, clinically proven to
    kill head lice and their eggs.
  5. For more information about NYDA®, click here:   How NYDA® Works

Don’t forget to check
Overall, just 35% of parents say that they check their children’s heads for head lice once a week, though the figure rises to 50% for
parents of children aged four to seven 13.

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