The louse lifecycle

NYDA® works because it kills head lice and their eggs, thus breaking the louse lifecycle.

The head louse develops in three stages:
  1. egg (nit)
  2. larva (nymph)
  3. adult.
A louse lives for about 50 days (seven weeks). The female louse starts laying eggs (nits) at around three weeks. She can lay
up to 300 eggs in her lifetime. These eggs are glued to the base of strands of hair and it takes 7-8 days for the larvae (nymphs)
to hatch. It then takes 10-15 days for a nymph to mature into an adult louse that is ready to reproduce.

NYDA® kills nits as well as nymphs and adult lice, so NO new lice are able to hatch.

NYDA® breaks the louse lifecycle.

Its 92% Dimeticone Dual Formula makes it a superior, groundbreaking treatment clinically proven to eradicate head lice and
their eggs (nits) 1,2,3,4,4a,5.

NYDA® is effective because it is designed to work in one treatment. It is scientifically proven to kill lice in one minute 1,2 and
their eggs in 8 hours 4, 4a, 5, thus breaking the louse lifecycle.

The louse lifecycle.

Life cycle of head lice & eggs

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