Instructions for applying NYDA®

NYDA®, when properly applied, is effective at eradicating lice because it kills head lice and their eggs (nits), thus breaking the louse lifecycle.

The instructions for application, in accordance with BNF guidelines, are of key importance in order to kill lice and their eggs.

Instructions to parents when prescribing NYDA®:
  1. Identify the presence of head lice using the special NYDA® detection comb.
  2. Use the pump spray supplied to apply NYDA® over the child’s entire head of hair.
  3. After 30 minutes, use the special NYDA® comb to remove the dead lice.
  4. Then, leave non-greasy NYDA® in the child’s hair for 8 hours (overnight is ideal) to ensure that stubborn eggs (nits) are also dead.
  5. Afterwards, comb and wash the hair with usual shampoo.
  6. After 9 days, check for head lice; re-apply if required.

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