How to use NYDA®

NYDA®, designed to eradicate lice and their eggs (nits) in a single application, is scientifically proven to be effective 1,2,3,4,4a,5.

Just follow these simple instructions to eradicate headlice and their eggs.

NYDA® comes in an economical pump dispenser and is supplied with a special NYDA® detection comb. The special lice comb

  1. Check your child’s hair using the special comb supplied with each pack of NYDA®. If you find lice or eggs (nits) it’s time to apply NYDA®.

  2. Simply use the pump spray to apply NYDA® over your child’s entire head of hair. Part his or her hair with the NYDA® comb, spray
    on the lotion, working from the roots, then massage the lotion, making sure all the hair on either side of the parting is fully covered.
    Then, make another parting and repeat the process for another section of hair.

    Once you have applied the lotion to your child’s hair, leave it for 30 minutes. Then use the comb supplied to remove the dead lice. Lice are knocked out in less than a minute, but the eggs (nits) take longer to suffocate.

  3. To ensure the eggs (nits) are suffocated too, leave NYDA® in your child’s hair for eight hours (overnight is ideal).
    Afterwards, comb and wash your child’s hair.

  4. NYDA® is designed to eradicate lice and nits in a single application1,2,3,4,4a,5. However, it is wise to check your child’s hair again about 8-10 days after treatment, since re-infestation can occur.

Tired of tedious ‘bug-busting’?
NYDA® completely eliminates the need for tedious, unpleasant ‘bug-busting’ (combing your child’s hair to find live lice and their eggs and
then removing them by hand.) ‘Bug-busting’ is only 38% - 57% successful11,12, while NYDA® is designed to eradicate lice and eggs in
a single application and is clinically proven to be 97% effective1,2,3,4,4a,5.

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