92% Dimethicone (active ingredient)NYDA® - no pesticides

NYDA® works without pesticides
NYDA® is a clear liquid that works physically – it does NOT use chemical neuro-toxic pesticides to poison head lice and their eggs. Instead, it kills them by suffocating them 2.

Over the years, head lice have become resistant to many neuro-toxic pesticide-based treatments, which now often simply do not work10. Because NYDA® works by suffocating head lice and their eggs, the insects are very unlikely to develop resistance4,4a.

NYDA® is based on a special dual formula of 92% dimeticone. (Dimeticone is a form of silicone so safe that, in different presentations, it is used for treating colic in babies, and it moisturises and protects the skin.)

NYDA® is non-greasy, smells pleasant and is gentle on the skin.

How NYDA® compares to pesticide treatments
Nearly a third of parents (29%) currently use a chemical treatment to treat head lice, seemingly unaware that a high percentage of lice – up to 80% in certain cases – are resistant to long-established chemical treatments based on neuro-toxic pesticides7.

By contrast, NYDA® does not encounter resistance, since it works by suffocating the lice rather than poisoning them 4,4a.

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